The Cheltenham Dungeon is coming…

I’ve never taken the plunge and had my own dedicated playspace…. well, that’s about to change.
Cheltenham is about to get it’s first and very own dungeon chambers- no I don’t mean a spare bedroom with a few kinky elements crammed in, I mean an actual, large dedicated space for exploring and indulging in bondage, domination and fetish! Opening in July 2016.
I have clients that visit from all over UK, from Bristol, Worcester, Hereford, Gloucester etc, and now Gloucestershire will have it’s own resident mistress with well equipped dungeon. I can’t wait to film more videos and photos in the space!
The dungeon is set very close to central Cheltenham, and is about 10mins walk from the train station, with discreet parking right by the door. It’s not a residential premises, and therefore is extremely discreet with no nosey neighbours and has the appearance of being just another business premises – hidden VERY out of the way of pedestrians and the general hustle and bustle.
Visit my main website to learn more here.
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