Filming Slave Applications

Do you wish to serve me in person, and continually even after the session? The ultimate way is to submit as my filming slave – the honour of being beside me for all the world to see is a supreme privilege, and I am taking applications for slaves to participate in filming during July.
The content and themes will depend upon the applicant and their interests with regards to serving me. In brief, some top examples I intend to film- but not limited to, are CBT, tie and tease, trampling, shoe and foot worship, strap on training, human ashtray, humiliation, caning, whipping, cropping, over the knee spanking, clothed female naked male, face sitting, arse worship, and more.
The applicant will receive a reduced tribute for the session, approximately £100 for approximately 1-1.5hrs depending on filming setup. There will be a male videographer present, and slaves are encouraged to wear a hood to mask their identity (provided), and filming will take place within my dungeon studio.  Deposits are ESSENTIAL, and the only way to participate is with a deposit paid in advance to secure your interest.
Applicants should email and state their interests and experience (if any).



Trampled Underfoot


Not to be confused with the Led Zeppelin version, but a delightful way for Mistress to spend a session, and indeed I did just that with a charming victim on my Friday afternoon! Trampling sessions are very erotic, amusing and empower for me – I love having a human carpet to walk all over. Being a Cheltenham dominatrix brings a beautiful array of fetishes and desires for me to indulge my visitors amongst! 
My soft and beautiful bare feet crushing my submissive as I stand full weight in my 5’9 tall height above as they lay beneath me. High heels, boots and stiletto heels are even sexier when trampling as the heels leave delightful marks and impressions in the flesh- a sign of my territory as I look down and stare so far below me in my strong 6ft+ height!
If you dream of having a tall goddess standing and walking over you with beautiful feet and strong, long legs, or perhaps you have a Christian Louboutin heels fetish – then a trampling session is certainly a must… these sessions can be held domestically or at my Cheltenham Gloucestershire dungeon / playspace. Cheltenham Mistress with private Cheltenham dungeon for Gloucestershire Mistresses. Book your session to serve a Gloucester Mistress and Cheltenham Mistress. Submit to a tall Worcester Mistress or Worcester Dominatrix. Confess your sins and desires to a superior Bristol Mistress and Bristol Dominatrix

The Cheltenham Dungeon is coming…

I’ve never taken the plunge and had my own dedicated playspace…. well, that’s about to change.
Cheltenham is about to get it’s first and very own dungeon chambers- no I don’t mean a spare bedroom with a few kinky elements crammed in, I mean an actual, large dedicated space for exploring and indulging in bondage, domination and fetish! Opening in July 2016.
I have clients that visit from all over UK, from Bristol, Worcester, Hereford, Gloucester etc, and now Gloucestershire will have it’s own resident mistress with well equipped dungeon. I can’t wait to film more videos and photos in the space!
The dungeon is set very close to central Cheltenham, and is about 10mins walk from the train station, with discreet parking right by the door. It’s not a residential premises, and therefore is extremely discreet with no nosey neighbours and has the appearance of being just another business premises – hidden VERY out of the way of pedestrians and the general hustle and bustle.
Visit my main website to learn more here.
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